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#61 Cruze-ing towards a shaky recovery

Music this week is Empty Glass by Manny, and Hop back up by Britt Harkins.

We discuss Driving With Load (DWL) vs Pulse & Glide (P&G) techniques.

We then talked about all the disasters in Japan, from the automotive and consumer electronics enthusiast side of things, our hearts go out to the nation of Japan during these trying times, but we also rocognise you may be on bad news overload by this point.

Next up is the Chevrolet Cruze Eco, CleanMPG got one of these beauties for just over a week, hear what Wayne’s experiances were.

Kacey Green, Wayne Gerdes, Manuel Santos
Hosts - Go Hypermiling Podcast 

#61 Cruze-ing towards a shaky recovery